Troubleshoot Yahoo App Issues on iPhone

Yahoo now offers its users with the most utmost services as you know you can use it on your computer and laptop desktop. But with time you can even use the yahoo mail app on iPhone also. Using yahoo app on iPhone device thus saves time and you can use it anywhere. But in case you are facing some issues and errors in your then you can resolve this issue with a few simple steps.

Here in this piece of write up you will get complete info about how to troubleshoot Yahoo App Issues on iPhone:

App is slow, freezes, or crashes

  • In case your app is not working properly and is facing freezing or crashing issues then don’t get panic at all as you know very well that Yahoo apps work best on the most up-to-date version of the iOS software.
  • Update your browser to latest version.
  • Stop your app and then restart the app
  • It’s good to refresh or stop the app as it refreshes the active memory for the application.
  • Now you need to restart the device.
  • In case you are facing problems with the yahoo app after you restart the device then the app is corrupted and you need to reinstall the app and delete or uninstall the corrupted one.
  • In case the above mentioned steps don’t help you to fix the issue then you can contact Apple Support.

Feature unavailability

As you know most of the features of yahoo are only available when you use the desktop version of application and in case while working on yahoo app on iPhone you face feature availability then switch to desktop version and fix the issue in the desktop browser version. If you can’t find a feature you’re looking for in a Yahoo app, check out our list of Yahoo features not available on mobile devices.

Sign in problems

  • If you have changed your mobile number or your recovery option of yahoo then it may also create problem in yahoo app.
  • Then simply go to your Account settings page and then tap on your existing number.
  • Now tap on Add recovery phone number.
  • Type your mobile number in the field provided.
  • Tap on Send SMS.
  • After this yahoo will send a code on your number for authentication.
  • Enter the code you get and tap to verify.

For additional help you can simply dial a toll-free yahoo customer support number and get complete assistance for the same.


How to Edit or Remove Recovery Email in Yahoo

Adding recovery email will allow you to have access to your account in case you are locked out from your Yahoo. Keeping a correct phone number or email address on Yahoo account is necessary in case you ever lose your password.

On the other hand, in case you have decided to edit or remove recovery email in Yahoo, you can easily do that via the correct steps. Yahoo users generally remove recovery email when they have decided to discontinue the current account.

Add/remove a recovery choice on web browser:

·       To begin with you need to go to Yahoo Account security page.

·       After that enter the Phone numbers or Email addresses.

·       Then you need to click Add recovery email address or Add recovery phone number.

·       Finally, you need to follow the on-screen prompts for entering and verify the new info.

Add/remove a recovery option on a mobile app:

·       Initially, you need to tap the Settings icon.

·       And after that tap Manage Accounts.

·       Now, you have to tap Account info.

·       Next, enter tap Security Settings.

·       Tap Phone numbers or Email addresses.

·       Then after tap Add recovery email address or Add recovery phone number correctly.

·       You have to follow the on-screen prompts for entering and verifying your new info.

Unlinking recovery info from an account I don’t use or recognize:

Make certain that before disconnecting an email or phone number, you have to sign out of the linked account.

·       Just go to the Sign-in Helper.

·       Then you have to enter the mobile phone number or alternate email address.

·       Next, you need to click Continue.

·       After that enter Yes, send me an Account Key.

·       -You will get a verification code to your email address or phone.

·       Soon after that, you need to enter the verification code in the given field.

·       Now you have to click Verify.

·       Enter Continue.

·       You need to click remove it here.

·       Enter the Delete icon that you want to disconnect.

·       Lastly, enter Remove this account.

In a nutshell, the purpose of editing or recovering email in Yahoo account has been fulfilled. Yahoo experts will guide you proactively in case you fail to understand the recovery steps. Also, you can seek for the help if you confront other troubles after following the given mentioned instructions in the blog. 

Contact us: If you have any issues about Yahoo password now you can speak with our support team dial Yahoo contact number for email support.

Get Yahoo Mail Help Faster Without Leaving Your Inbox

Yahoo Email is providing completely different services to the purchasers from everywhere the globe that is error free and swishes technical support. During this competitive world you’ll get Yahoo customer Support however you’ve got to pick out the simplest one for your service. During this regard Yahoo contact is the best and could be a standard name to the precious clients as a result of which they create the precious customer care support services. Yahoo provides problem free client services for their free webmail account if their customers find any downside with their Yahoo email account. Yahoo customer Service offer their services for the Yahoo email account holders terribly very nice manner and their remote service is accepted by the purchasers as a simple medium and quick service suppliers.

Yahoo Password Service

If the client has downside with their email account or cannot log-in it, then it’s definite that the account has been blocked or hacked. Yahoo users could get this message on their web content once they send one message to sizable amount of contacts. It’s going to be doable that their accounts are briefly blocked by the Yahoo mail account in order that they cannot send message however they’ll access their account and may receive their email throughout this point. If the user of Yahoo mail account doesn’t offer that facility which means the Yahoo email account is hacked by somebody. Yahoo Helpline number are going to be useful during this matter. The Yahoo Technical Support together with engineers can take some steps like they’ll modification the Yahoo email account password. The knowledgeable can review the Yahoo email account setting. They’ll counsel you to vary your Yahoo mail setting. They’ll conjointly counsel you to vary your different setting for security live. If you have got any doubt that your email account is hacked then you have got to vary your password directly to require precautions.

Yahoo contact number You may face issues along with your Yahoo mail then you’ve got to contact to the Yahoo technical support contact number. Yahoo contact support will assist you in these problems and might reset your Yahoo email account. Yahoo Contact number will do the task with the help of extremely qualified engineers. They take some measures to secure your Yahoo mail account and provide you back your previous Yahoo mail accounts just like before.